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Group Therapy for Parents of Children with Anxiety and OCD

Coming 2024

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What We Do


Family and Couple's Counseling


Supervision and Consultations


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions for children, teens, and adults last between 30 to 60 minutes and are either provided in our private office spaces or through telehealth. Not all mental health needs are appropriate to be addressed through telehealth. When you first start treatment your therapist will likely spend the first few sessions getting to know you and collaboratively developing a treatment plan with you. Your therapist may use assessment tools to help establish symptom severity and help monitor your progress in treatment. The length of treatment depends on what type of therapy your therapist is utilizing as well as your symptom severity.

Each therapist has their own individualized office space and they work to create an environment that feels safe and comfortable. Water, coffee, or tea are available during your visit and a lending library is in the waiting room if you arrive early for your session.


Family and Couple's Counseling


Family and couple's sessions are typically 60 minutes and we prefer for these sessions to take place in office. Family sessions may be integrated into individual therapy to address specific issues, or may be set up as the primary means of treatment. Both premarital and marital counseling services are available. If you are engaged we encourage you to set up premarital counseling prior to your big day to help develop communication and ensure that you and your spouse-to-be are on the same page as you move forward. Couple's seek treatment in marriage to work on refining their relationship, improve communication, and address issues of trust. If you are calling our office to set up marital counseling please let us know if you are looking for affair recovery treatment.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is offered for various specific treatments and typically last for 60 minutes. Groups are offered both through telehealth and in our group therapy space. Receiving group treatment allows you to receive the support from other who are struggling with the same issues. All of our groups are led by clincians. Availability of groups is changing throughout the year and some groups may be "closed" whereas others are "open" meaning that no invite is needed and you are free to join at anytime. Please contact our office to learn more about our group offerings!


Consultations and Clinical Supervision


Our therapists who specialize in treatment approaches offer consultations to other clinicians who are looking to expand their skills. Please contact the therapist you are seeking consultation with directly to schedule.

Megan Harden, LCSW, Cassandra Hanna, LCSW, and Normanda Lawless, LPCC offer clinical supervision services for associates licensed clinicians.


Cassandra Hanna, LCSW, PMH-C

Cassandra has completed training though Postpartum Support International to be a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Provider. This enables her to meet the needs of mothers and fathers in our community with perinatal mental health complications, such as mood and anxiety issues.


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